Why You Need a Home Inspection in North Carolina

Home Inspection

This is the inspection that everyone should have performed when purchasing a home. It should be conducted by a NC licensed home inspector with several years of experience. This will be the very best money you can spend during the home buying process. Choosing the right home inspector is very important.

Why do I need a Home Inspection?

Buying a home is probably the largest single investment you will ever make. Be an informed buyer. Find out about and understand the condition of the home. It is important to have an evaluation of the visible and accessible systems of the house.

What is a Home Inspection?

It is an evaluation of the visible and accessible systems and components of a home and is intended to give the client (usually a homebuyer) a better understanding of the condition of the home. The home inspection may help avoid future costly repairs that the buyer may have to pay for had the inspection not been performed prior to closing. If repairs are discovered prior to closing on a home you have the right to request they be repaired by the seller or if the seller refuses you can be released from the contract should you elect to do so.

What components of the home should be inspected?

  • Structure: Framing and Foundation
  • Building envelope: Roof and Exterior
  • Thermal envelope: Insulation and Ventilation
  • Building systems: Heating, Air Conditioning, Plumbing, and Electrical
  • Interior: Walls, Ceilings, Floors, Windows and Doors
  • Appliances: Built in appliances

How do I select a home inspector?

  • Read the Standards of Practice (Remember the SOP’s are minimums)
  • Ask friends and your agent for inspectors’ names
  • Ask questions like:
    1. What qualifies you to do a thorough inspection
    2. How do you inspect the roof, attic and crawlspace
    3. Describe your report and when will I receive it
    4. Can you E-mail the report in a format I can read
    5. What are the three most common defects that you find during an inspection

Choosing the right inspector is very important. Exclusive Buyer’s agents, because they work for you 100%, will recommend inspectors who have your best interests first and foremost. Meaning the inspector should be extremely thorough.

Traditional agents may not recommend the most thorough home inspectors because they also work for sellers and have the mindset of not wanting to blow the deal over a home inspection. They are not 100% for buyers or may even be in a “Dual” representation situation (trying to represent both the buyer and seller at the same time.)

What is the Home Buyer’s Role in the Process?

  • Engage a home inspector in a timely manner to comply with the terms of the Offer to Purchase and Contract
  • Become part of the inspection team, attend the inspection
  • Pay the inspection fee which, depending on the property, may range from $250 to over $400

Why do I need to have a newly constructed home inspected?

  • A ‘new home inspection’ often reveals work that is incomplete, overlooked, improperly performed or operationally deficient.
  • Cosmetic ‘punchlist’ items are usually discovered and documented during a buyer/agent/builder walk-through

What A Home Inspection is NOT!

  • Not an appraisal of the property’s value
  • Does Not guarantee that the home complies with local building codes
  • Should Not be considered a “technically exhaustive” evaluation.

Are All Inspection Reports the Same?

No. While the Home Inspector Licensure Board has established a minimum requirement for report-writing, reports can vary greatly. They can range from a “checklist” of the systems and components to a full narrative evaluation or any combination of the two. Some reports include photos.

FOR HomeBUYERS, Inc. recommends a narrative, computer generated report with photos. This report should also reflect visual inspections from the roof itself if the pitch permits and not from the ground with binoculars and also a direct visual inspection of the crawl space. An onsite check list is not acceptable in our opinion.

The Home Inspection Summary Report

Home Inspectors are required to give you a written “Summary” of their inspection identifying any system or component that does not function as intended, or adversely affects the habitability of the dwelling, or appears to warrant further investigation by a specialist. The summary does not necessarily include all items that have been found to be defective or deficient. Therefore, do not read only the summary. Carefully read and understand the entire home inspection report.

For More Information about the Licensure Laws:

North Carolina Home Inspectors Licensure Board Website:

North Carolina Licensed Home Inspectors Association:
NCLHIA Website: www.NCLHIA.com