Working with North Carolina Realtors and Buyer Agents

The North Carolina (NC) Real Estate Commission is the licensing and regulatory agency for North Carolina Realtors and Real Estate Agents.

Visit this link for information on Working with Real Estate Agents. All Real Estate Agents are required by Law to provide you with a copy of this brochure and explain the type of agency relationship you wish to have with this agent at first substantial contact and before showing you any homes.

However, this Brochure Working with Real Estate Agents does not explain Exclusive Buyer Representation. With this type of Buyer Agency, the agent never works for a listing company and never risks a conflict of interest. An Exclusive Buyer Agent works for an Exclusive Buyer Only Real Estate Agency. When choosing your North Carolina Realtor consider your options very carefully.

You can also access the Licensing Laws and Rules legislated by the state of NC.

Additional web sites are the trade association sites for the North Carolina Association of Realtors and the RRAR (Raleigh Regional Association of Realtors). These are membership organizations which fall under the umbrella of the National Association of Realtors and provide guidelines (Code of Ethics) by which Realtors are supposed to conduct themselves.

If you are considering a relocation to the Raleigh-Triangle area of North Carolina, consider using an Exclusive Buyers Agent. One who will have only your interests, needs and desires in mind. Exclusive Buyer Only agents never take listings or work for a listing company, therefore, no conflict of interest can occur. FOR HomeBUYERS has represented Home Buyers exclusively since 1991 and pioneered Exclusive Buyer Representation in Wake County.

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