Cheerful couple sitting in empty new houseWhy use an Exclusive Buyer’s Agent Realtor vs. a traditional Real Estate Buyer’s Agent

An Exclusive Buyer’s Agent Realtor (EBA) has only your best interests in mind and will represent you 100% from start to finish. They work for you 100% and have no chance for a conflict of interest.

How to Choose a North Carolina NC Real Estate Agent

Finding the Right Real Estate/Raleigh Home Buyers Agent is Very important because…

All Real Estate Agents are NOT Created Equal!

The majority of Agents and Realtors® in Raleigh, Cary, Durham, Chapel Hill, & RTP, NC, practice the type of Buyer Representation offered by a Real Estate Company that takes listings and is not an Exclusive Buyer Agency. Interview more than one Realtor® before choosing and interview at least one Exclusive Buyers Agent-EBA.

Before you make your final Real Estate Agent selection, you should understand the different types of Buyer Agents from which you can choose.


  • One type of Buyer Representation is a Buyer’s Agent working for a Real Estate Agency that also LISTS properties FOR SALE on behalf of Sellers.
  • They can ONLY provide Exclusive Buyer Representation by NOT showing you properties listed for sale by their Agency.
  • If the Agency you’re considering is a large Real Estate Agency, you may be cutting yourself out of viewing a good portion of the homes on the market.
  • Many Listing Agents will hire agents to work under their name as Buyers’ Agents. These “Buyers” Agents do work exclusively with buyers and may call themselves “Exclusive Buyers Agents” BUT if they show you any of their company’s listings, you will still be put in a situation where your interests may be compromized. The agent will be in a position to make a higher commission and may, because they are working for the Listing Broker, have a conflict not in your best interest.
  • A Buyer’s Agent working for a listing Brokerage most likely divides his time between representing both Buyers and Sellers. This could potentially put you into DUAL Agency with a conflict of interest.


  • The best type of Buyer Representation is a Buyer’s agent working for an Exclusive Buyer Agency – an Agency that DOES NOT LIST properties FOR SALE.
  • They can guarantee you 100% loyalty from start to finish. They will never ask you to accept Dual Agency, and there is never any conflict of interest.
  • Exclusive Buyer Agencies have access to all properties on the market, including those listed by all other Real Estate agencies (MLS) and For Sale By Owner (FSBO) properties.
  • For the Exclusive Buyer’s Agent, Buyers are their ONLY business. And you will receive 100% Exclusive Representation for absolutely no additional cost.

Don’t you owe it to yourself to have the BEST Buyer Agent Representation available, when making one of the biggest investments you will ever make?

To interview prospective agents, use this Agent Interview Questionnaire

Click Here to view the North Carolina Real Estate Commission Brochure “Working With Agents“.